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I Live in Illinois and Got an OWI or DUI in Wisconsin, Now What? A Illinois and Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Explains Your Options

Posted by Richard Albanese | Aug 19, 2013 | 0 Comments

Wisconsin is a popular state for Illinois residents to travel to for vacation and recreation and very often Wisconsin Police encounter Illinois licensed drivers in the course of an traffic stop or accident and if alcohol is involved an Illinois driver can end up facing an OWI charge. The laws of Illinois and Wisconsin could not be more different when it comes to drunk driving and if you are charged with an OWI you need a criminal defense attorney who knows not only Wisconsin OWI laws but more importantly the laws of Illinois and how the Illinois Secretary of State views an OWI conviction from Wisconsin or any other state. I take great pride in providing my Illinois clients with comprehensive representation on a Wisconsin OWI  case and my representation does not end at the border.  I evaluate the evidence in each case and propose the best strategy for the OWI case in Wisconsin and also the Secretary of State penalties in Illinois that often occur and surprise Illinois drivers. As an Illinois and Wisconsin OWI and DUI Defense Attorney I have been featured in the May 2013 “Docket” Publication, a Lake County Illinois Bar Journal. For a more thorough discussion and explanation of Wisconsin OWI penalties for Illinois Drivers please read my article on Illinois Drivers and Wisconsin OWI offenses here on pages 18-19:

Why do I Need a OWI or DUI Defense Attorney Licensed in Both Illinois and Wisconsin?

If you are an Illinois driver with an OWI case in Wisconsin you will face many important decisions in handling that case. Perhaps the most important decision is finding the OWI or DUI defense attorney best qualified to represent Illinois drivers who get an OWI or DUI in Wisconsin. There are certainly mainly highly skilled DUI and OWI lawyers in both Illinois and Wisconsin representing clients in their respective states, but if they are not licensed in BOTH states they may not feel the need to be as familiar with the laws of states outside their own jurisdiction. While handling some OWI cases in Wisconsin can be viewed as a quick and easy process when compared to DUI cases in Illinois the results for the Illinois driver can be devastating once the Illinois Secretary of State learns if there was a Wisconsin conviction. I provide a full outline to Illinois drivers with OWI cases in Wisconsin as to what they are facing in both Wisconsin and Illinois. The best course of action for a Wisconsin resident with an OWI  is usually not the best course of action for a Illinois Driver with a Wisconsin OWI. As OWI and DUI cases can be very expensive due to not only attorneys fees, but also court costs and increased insurance premiums it makes financial sense to have one attorney licensed in both states versus two attorneys in both Illinois and Wisconsin for an OWI case. If you are an Illinois driver with an OWI case in Wisconsin please contact the Richard Albanese Law Office today for a free consultation and case evaluation to learn what consequences you may be facing in Illinois and Wisconsin and what your individual options may be. You can reach the Richard Albanese law office at (312) 882-1973, by email at [email protected], or on the web at

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