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The Richard Albanese Law Office Continues to Provide Safe and Effective Representation in Illinois and Wisconsin During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Posted by Richard Albanese | Apr 17, 2020 | 0 Comments

 The Richard Albanese Law Office Continues to Provide Safe and Effective Legal Representation in Illinois and Wisconsin During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Is your office currently open and how can I contact you?

Yes, our office is currently open and new or existing clients can reach me directly at (312) 882-1973 or by email at [email protected] or through the contact form on my website at:

Are you accepting new clients?

I am accepting new clients for existing cases and tickets that arose before and after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and continue to offer a free initial consultation as always. 

How can I get updates regarding the status of my Illinois or Wisconsin speeding or traffic ticket or criminal case?

If you are an existing client with an upcoming court date I have likely already contacted you directly with updated information. As you are aware the Covid-19 pandemic is a fluid and evolving situation and future court dates are subject to change. I am tracking daily orders from all relevant courts that my clients have cases pending in. Please feel free to contact me at any time to verify your court date and whether your appearance will be required.

Will my driving record suffer any negative consequences from my speeding or traffic citation being prolonged or continued in Illinois or Wisconsin?

Your Illinois or Wisconsin driving record will suffer no negative consequence with pending citations no matter how long they are continued as nothing will be reported to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation or Illinois Secretary of State during the pendency of your open tickets until they are resolved. 

How will my insurance rates be affected by my Illinois or Wisconsin Speeding Ticket or Traffic Violation during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Insurance companies rely on the official driving records provided to them by the Illinois Secretary of State and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. With no negative reports being made against your record for continued cases your insurance rates will not be affected by pending traffic citations. Exploring the topic of insurance rates further you may also wish to inquire whether your insurance company is offering any temporary discounts or other ways for you to reduce your insurance rates during the Covid-19 pandemic. Forbes magazine recently published an informative article on the topic of: How Covid-19 Impacts Your Car Insurance that highlights many money saving tips you may want to explore further.

When will my court date be rescheduled to in the future?

Most courts located in Cook and Lake County Illinois as well as Kenosha, Milwaukee and Racine County Wisconsin have promised written notices to be issued to defendants, attorneys or both regarding future court dates. I do not recommend waiting for these continuances by mail though as several continuance dates have been issued and then changed due to ever changing government projections as to when courts can safely reopen. I provide the free courtesy links below to check on the current rescheduled dates pertaining to your Illinois or Wisconsin Speeding ticket, OWI or DUI, or other Criminal Case.

LAKE COUNTY Case Search:

COOK COUNTY Traffic Case Search:


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