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Round Lake Beach Courthouse Lake County


(North Branch Court) 


What is the Round Lake Beach Courthouse and where is it located?

The Round Lake Beach Courthouse is officially recognized by the Lake County Circuit Court as one of three geographic branch courts in Lake County Illinois. The other two geographic branch courts are the Park City Branch Court and Mundelein Branch Court. The Round Lake Beach Courthouse is located at 1792 Nicole Lane in Round Lake Beach, IL just north of Rollins road. A great informational resource promulgated by the Lake County Circuit Court for the Round Lake Beach Courthouse can be found here: Round Lake Beach North Branch Courthouse Information. The villages, cities and towns that have cases heard in the Round Lake Beach Courthouse include Lindenhurst, Beach Park, Round Lake Park, Round Lake Heights, Antioch, Lake Villa, Round Lake Beach, Grayslake, Hainesville, Lakemoor, Fox Lake, and Wadsworth. Citations written by the Lake County Sheriff's office are also heard at the Round Lake Beach Courthouse.

Minor petty offense traffic violations are heard daily at the Round Lake Beach Courthouse including speeding tickets and accident citations, which can include failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident, driving too fast for conditions, or improper lane usage. More serious traffic violations include license suspendable offenses include Speeding in a Construction Zone and Improper Passing of a School Bus or Speeding in a School Zone. Although most of cases at the Round Lake Beach Courthouse are non-criminal traffic offenses there are also more serious categories of misdemeanor traffic criminal violations that are also prosecuted in Round Lake Beach including Driving with No License or a Suspended License, Reckless Driving, Class B - Aggravated Speeding (26-34 mph over the speed limit) and Class A - Aggravated Speeding (35+ mph over the speed limit). Local village and town ordinance cases such as underage drinking or possession of alcohol, retail theft, possession of cannabis, possession of drug paraphernalia, and Social Hosting are also heard at the Round Lake Beach Courthouse.

What can I expect going to court at the Round Lake Beach Courthouse?

There are generally four court calls a day at the Round Lake Beach courthouse. These court calls can begin at 9:00am, 10:30am, 1:30pm and 3:00pm. Different cities, towns and villages as well as the Lake County Sheriff have court calls on different dates and times at the Round Lake Beach Courthouse. Your specific court location, date and time information will be indicated at the bottom portion of your ticket. If you have lost your ticket of cannot read the police officer's handwriting that issued you the ticket you can verify your information securely here on the Lake County Public Access Case Search Website or by contacting my office.

You will find two ample free public parking areas, one on each side of the Round Lake Beach Courthouse. After parking you will head inside to be screened in a single file line by security officers and pass through a standard metal detector. Be advised the line to enter the Round Lake Beach Courthouse can be especially long if you have a case scheduled on a busy day so it pays to be a few minutes early but not more than fifteen minutes early as the courtroom door is locked between court calls. Cell phones can currently be brought into the Round Lake Beach Courthouse and can be used in the lobby area outside the courtroom, but never in the courtroom except to display insurance or other driving records and documents that are best printed out or forwarded to your attorney ahead of time. 

The Clerk of the Circuit Court of Lake County has a small multiple window counter facility located inside the Round Lake Beach Courthouse just past the security station. This smaller satellite office houses all of the files for traffic tickets, ordinance violations, and misdemeanors heard in this Round Lake Beach Courthouse. I may file documents related to your case at this location prior to your court date. If your case is not dismissed you may pay fines or costs on a ticket at this office on your court date as well as making traffic school registration arrangements. Please be advised the Clerk will only accept payments by Credit Card (with fee), cash or money order. No personal checks are accepted at the Round Lake Beach Courthouse. 

If I am representing you on your traffic or ordinance matter I will meet you outside the courtroom prior to the start of court. You will not be required to check in with anyone and I will guide you after securing your ticket from the courtroom clerk or sheriff. I will speak to the Prosecutor to negotiate a disposition in your matter and then consult you for final approval or rejection of that agreement. If your case is contested or set for trial we will wait until the court hears the trial matters later in the court call

How Can a Lake County Speeding and Traffic Defense Attorney help me with my case at the Round Lake Beach Courthouse?

As I appear regularly at the Round Lake Beach Courthouse I am familiar with all of the local rules and procedures such as, setting matters for trial to avoid multiple appearances and securing continuances if necessary for your personal scheduling conflicts or to develop mitigating evidence in your case. I can also help you secure additional time if needed to complete traffic school, community service or to pay off substantial fines and court costs if applicable to your situation. I am also familiar with the judges that preside at the Round Lake Beach Courthouse and how they may handle your matter as well as the Lake County State's Attorneys and Village prosecutors that may be willing to reduce criminal charges to minor petty offenses, negotiate court supervision to avoid license suspension, and secure lower fines and penalties and even possible dismissal of your case with minimal court appearances. 

If you are cited for an accident case I will discuss your potential civil liablity that extends far beyond the Round Lake Beach Courthouse. Pleading guilty without an attorney in an accident case can expose you and your family to personal liability for past, present and future damages. I will guide you through resolving your accident case often times in conjunction with your insurance company to increase the likeliehood that I can secure a dismissal of your accident citation at the Round Lake Beach Courthouse.

I will arrive early to court on your scheduled court date and work hard to get you in and out of court to minimize your time off work or other important family commitments in your day. I make you the professional promise that my legal knowledge and experience handling cases in the Round Lake Beach Courthouse will put you in the best position to secure a positive outcome in your matter there. Please contact me directly at the Richard Albanese Law Office for a free consultation at 312-882-1973. 




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