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Wisconsin Speeding Tickets and Traffic Violations

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Wisconsin and Illinois are neighboring states that are known for their midwest hospitality and wonderful tourism and vacation opportunities. Unfortunately, sometimes we may drive a bit too fast trying to get to our vacation destinations and end up getting pulled over by the police. The biggest mistake a driver in Illinois or Wisconsin can make in either state is sending in the payment and getting a conviction that will be reported to the driver's home state. Insurance Premiums can rapidly increase often with just one ticket on a persons record depending on the speed and circumstances. The Richard Albanese Law Office routinely handles speeding tickets in Kenosha County, Racine County, Dane County, and Lake Geneva for drivers from all states who get speeding tickets in Wisconsin. The Richard Albanese Law Office handles speeding tickets in many other cities, villages and towns across Wisconsin as well. Often the costly convictions can be avoided for Illinois drivers and points can be reduced for Wisconsin drivers with similar relief available for drivers from other states as well. Please contact the Richard Albanese law office today for a free consultation.


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