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Wisconsin Underage Drinking or Possession

Underage Drinking or Possession of Alcohol or Drug charges can come in many forms and if not handled properly can result in criminal records that will stain a young persons reputation and criminal history for years to come. The repercussions for convictions on these offenses include not only a permanent criminal background but also these records often impede scholarships or admissions to universities, colleges and other schooling. These convictions can also put a young person at a great disadvantage when trying to obtain employment after graduation. I have dealt with many of these cases and am often able to negotiate a disposition for a young man or woman that will protect their criminal background as well as their reputations. I have successfully handled these types of cases across the state of Wisconsin with many cases originating from the Wisconsin Dells, Columbia County, Baraboo, Portage, Lake Delton, Lake Geneva, and other regions.


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