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A Speeding Ticket and Traffic Defense Attorney Licensed In Illinois and Wisconsin Answers the Question "How will the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic affect an Illinois Driver with a Wisconsin Speeding Ticket?"

Posted by Richard Albanese | Mar 23, 2020 | 0 Comments


 A Speeding Ticket and Traffic Defense Attorney Licensed In Illinois and Wisconsin Answers the Question:

"How will the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic affect an Illinois Driver with a Wisconsin Speeding Ticket?" 

We are currently facing a global pandemic commonly referred to as the Coronavirus or Covid-19 that is claiming the lives of thousands of Americans and citizens around the globe. To learn more about the current Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic including prevention recommendations please visit the CDC website here: CDC Coronavirus Covid-19 Official Information. Residents of Illinois and Wisconsin and the world have had their daily lives and routines uprooted and turned upside down rather unexpectedly and without much warning.

Courts in Illinois and Wisconsin have adopted different policies and closures to deal with public safety concerns. Illinois and Wisconsin speeding tickets are not and should not be the most pressing concern in people's lives right now, but they will not just be dismissed in the future and if ignored could result in convictions, increased insurance premiums and possible license suspension for repeat offenses In Illinois and Wisconsin. I currently represent the interests of Illinois and Wisconsin drivers who were issued speeding tickets in Wisconsin before and after the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic caused court closures and numerous continuances of speeding tickets for Illinois and Wisconsin drivers in major traffic courts in Racine, Kenosha, Walworth and Milwaukee Counties and Municipal, City and Village Courts across Wisconsin.

This blog is not written to cause further alarm, but instead aims to help you reduce stress and anxiety over your pending Wisconsin speeding or traffic citations and provide some peace of mind on the current status of your Wisconsin speeding ticket through solid facts and information. I also explain how these Wisconsin speeding tickets can be potentially resolved in your favor in the near future without you ever going to court. 

What is the status of my pending Wisconsin Speeding Ticket and Illinois Driver's License during the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic?

I appeared in the Kenosha and Racine County courts just last week before the court closures and scale down of court operations was taking effect. I saw firsthand many speeding and other traffic tickets being continued into June despite temporary closures being announced only into April. Speeding and traffic tickets have largely fallen into a category of non-essential court matters and may not be resolved as previously scheduled. A local news source in Milwaukee, WI recently reported on the postponed traffic and criminal court dates in Milwaukee. If you are an Illinois Driver with a Wisconsin Speeding ticket uncertain of the status of your ticket due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic you can contact my office for a free consultation or you can also check for circuit court citations online here: Free Wisconsin Speeding and Traffic Ticket Search. Most Wisconsin Courts are currently sending Illinois drivers with Wisconsin Speeding tickets written notices for court determined continuances so be on the look out for those documents as well. 

A open and pending Wisconsin speeding ticket will generally not negatively impact an Illinois driver but a conviction incurred from paying the Wisconsin citation or ignoring it could result in harmful unintended consequences including reported convitions to your Illinois driving record, increased insurance premiums and even suspension of yoru drivign privileges in Illinois and Wisconsin. For a more in depth discussion and a detailed outline of the consequences of a Wisconsin speeding ticket for an Illinois driver please visit this section of my website: Consequences of Wisconsin Speeding Tickets for Illinois Drivers. The impact and consequences of Wisconsin speeding tickets for Illinois drivers may be delayed but not eliminated due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic. An Illinois driver can also obtain their current Illinois driving record here through the Illinois Secretary of State: Illinois Secretary of State Driving Records which will reflect resolved traffic and speeding tickets but not open or pending citations in Illinois or Wisconsin or any other jurisdiction.

How Can a Traffic and Speeding Ticket Attorney Licensed in Illinois and Wisconsin help an Illinois Driver with a Wisconsin Speeding Ticket during and after the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic?

You likely have more pressing matters on your mind right now than Wisconsin speeding tickets, which is precisely why my practice remains ready to take this issue off your plate so you have one less worry going forward in these uncertain times. In most cases I am able to secure non-moving violations for Illinois drivers with Wisconsin speeding tickets depending on the jurisdiction and rate of speed cited, which eliminates the negative consequences previously outlined that Illinois drivers with Wisconsin speeding and moving violation convictions face.  I am keeping abreast of all Wisconsin court policies and procedures that are fluid and changing with the developing Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic. If you retain me to handle your case you do not need to wonder or worry about what is going to happen to these tickets now or in the future if you forget about them.

I can also save you from physically appearing in court now or in the future as we are increasingly being encouraged to stay at home and away from public spaces. I am able to file electronic documents with the Wisconsin court system to ensure you have proper representation on your speeding or traffic ticket going forward and will follow up and properly track continuances and resolve your citation in the future without your concern or court appearance. There is also no need to physically visit my office during the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic to secure representation as I can arrange free consultations and representation agreements by phone or email during this time. Please stay safe during these trying times  and feel free to contact my office at 312-882-1973 at your convenience or visit my website here: Richard Albanese Law Office to let me help resolve your Wiscosnin speeding or traffic citation without stress or worry going forward.  


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