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IL Resident ticketed in Wisconsin

While on vacation I was ticketed in a small town in central Wisconsin which I later learned was notorious for being a speed trap. Having a clean record, I did not want what I perceived to be an unfair and unrepresentative charge to stick with me, especially in a way that would impact my insurance costs. I contacted several law firms in the Fond du Lac area to understand my options, thinking that lawyers practicing locally would be the most informed. Many of them asked for a fairly large fee and did not treat me as I felt a businessperson should treat a potential client, with one even telling me, "To be honest, nobody in Wisconsin likes Illinois drivers." I found Richard's website and was encouraged by what seemed to be his knowledge of both Wisconsin and Illinois traffic matters, and how issues in one state can affect residents of the other.

Richard was responsive via email (within an hour or two, in the evening) as well as via phone (following up the next day). He spoke with me in a very professional manner and made me feel like he actively wanted to reach a good resolution for me (unlike some of the Wisconsin firms with whom I had spoken). Through the process, he kept me up to date and let me know exactly what I needed to do at each stage. Ultimately, he got the citation reduced to a non-moving violation, which was the best result as it would not have an effect on my Illinois license and insurance. I hope I don't require Richard's services again, but if so, I would contact him without hesitation. Highly recommended.

– John


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