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An Illinois and Wisconsin Traffic and Criminal Defense Attorney Explains Why a Wisconsin Driver with a Speeding or Traffic Ticket Needs an Illinois Criminal Defense Attorney

Posted by Richard Albanese | Sep 05, 2013 | 0 Comments

Welcome to the Richard Albanese Law office blog. Today's topic deals with Wisconsin licensed drivers who need a Criminal Defense Attorney for a speeding or traffic ticket in Illinois. Being licensed as an attorney in both Illinois and Wisconsin allows the Richard Albanese Law office to provide exceptional representation to both Illinois and Wisconsin drivers in both states. Serving over a decade as a Prosecutor Richard Albanese brings the knowledge and experience of handling literally thousands of speeding tickets and traffic matters to the handling of your case.

Will my Illinois Ticket be Reported to Wisconsin?

The short answer is that it depends on how the ticket is resolved. If you hold a Wisconsin driver's license and are convicted of a moving violation in Illinois, Illinois may report that conviction to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. It is a two way street as Wisconsin routinely reports many speeding ticket convictions for Illinois drivers to the Illinois Secretary of State. The Wisconsin Department of Tranportation receives information on out-of-state traffic convictions reported to it by Illinois and other states.

As most Wisconsin drivers know, Wisconsin is on a point system. When a Wisconsin driver accumulates 12 or more demerit points in one year, based on the dates of the violations, that driver's license is suspended for a minimum of two months.

When the Wisconsin DMV receives information of an out-of-state conviction reported by Illinois, no points are assessed for the conviction, but the conviction is entered on the Wisconsin driver record. Wisconsin will take action, however, on any out-of-state conviction reported by Illinois for which Wisconsin law would require a mandatory suspension or revocation of a driver's license. Wisconsin also will take action on any out-of-state convictions reported by Illinois that would require disqualification of commercial driving privileges.

The Richard Albanese Law Office represents Wisconsin drivers from Kenosha, Racine, Walworth, Waukesha and Milwaukee counties, as well as Wisconsin drivers located throughout the entire State of Wisconsin in courts across Illinois including Lake County, Mundelein, Park City, Round Lake Beach and McHenry County as well as Skokie, Rolling Meadows, Maywood and Bridgeview in Cook County.

Court Supervision in Illinois vs. Conviction

Unlike Wisconsin, Illinois allows for dispositions of “court supervision” for many different types of moving traffic violations. A disposition of court supervision for a traffic violation is a sentence where the driver is placed under the “supervision” of the court for a certain number of months. Typically, a person placed on court supervision is required to pay money into the court system and in some cases also may be required to complete a traffic safety school course. Often, this course may be completed online.

If the individual fulfills the requirements of court supervision, at the conclusion of the court supervision period, the original charge is dismissed without any conviction ever being entered against the driver. Another name for court supervision is a “deferred judgment.” When court supervision is granted, a judgment of conviction is deferred until the conclusion of the supervision period and then never is imposed if supervision is satisfactorily completed.

As a result, a Wisconsin driver who is placed on court supervision for an Illinois moving violation will generally not see a report of a conviction sent to Wisconsin by Illinois because a conviction will never be entered against their driving record.

Resolving a Speeding or Traffic Ticket Without the Wisconsin Driver in Illinois Court

Wisconsin drivers often live far away from many Illinois courts in Lake County, Mundelein, Park City, Round Lake Beach or Cook County, Skokie, Rolling Meadows, Maywood or Woodstock and McHenry Court. With signed authorizations, it is possible for the Richard Albanese Law Office to represent a Wisconsin driver with the client never having to come to court.  This added benefit saves travel time as well as having to miss work or family commitments due to a court date in Illinois.

The Next Step Towards Resolving your Illinois Speeding or Traffic Ticket

If you are a Wisconsin Driver with an Illinois speeding or traffic ticket contact the Richard Albanese Law Office today for a free consultation today to determine how to protect your rights and driving privileges in Wisconsin and Illinois.  You can contact the Richard Albanese Law Office at (312) 882-1973 or at or at [email protected].

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