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You were involved in a minor or major traffic accident and got a ticket from the police, do you need a lawyer to represent you? An Illinois and Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney explains liability issues that can arise in traffic accident cases

Posted by Richard Albanese | Apr 01, 2013 | 0 Comments

Its a rainy night as you head home from work, the road is a bit slick and you are in a hurry to get home after a long day. You slam on the brakes, but its too late, your car skids and hits the car in front of you that suddenly stopped. You get out and call the police, exchange insurance information and everyone seems fine at the time. After listening to both drivers explain what happened you get a ticket for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. Now what? Do you need a Lawyer?

The above scenario happens all the time on the roads of Illinois and Wisconsin to drivers of all walks of life. Sending in a payment for the ticket in the mail may seem like the thing to do at the time as it is a cheaper option than hiring an attorney, but is it really the best way to go?  I would suggest no it is not the best way to go and you should consult with an experienced traffic attorney upon receiving the ticket. Failing to do can expose you to civil liability for causing injuries to someone you didn't even know was hurt. Often times a civil lawsuit for personal injuries follows a traffic accident. Sometimes these matters are dealt with by insurance companies but other times a driver may have personal liability for an accident beyond the policy limits if they are responsible for causing the accident that resulted in the injuries. When a person pleads guilty to a traffic ticket or sends the ticket in admitting guilt they are making a legal admission of fault that can be introduced at a civil proceeding later on down the road. There is often alot at stake in these cases and a misstep in traffic court can result in bigger issues in the civil case.

An experienced Traffic Lawyer like Richard Albanese will take the case to court and generally advise the client that a trial may be the best option instead of pleading guilty. Often just going to court with an attorney will result in the charge being dismissed if the other party does not show up to court after the case is set for trial. If insurance companies have resolved the damages ahead of time it is not uncommon for the complaining witness to not show up in court. Often the person who was hit does show up to court along with their civil attorney. This persons interests are being looked after, shouldn't yours be too? At trial the worst thing that may happen is you are found guilty by a judge or jury and are made to pay a fine, but being found guilty after a trial does not harm you the way a plea or admission of guilt does.

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