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Simply put -- Hire Attorney Albanese.

5.0 stars

Attorney Albanese checks every possible box for a stellar attorney : very bright, skilled in the Courtroom, astute, compassionate to his client with excellent communication AND licensed to practice in both Illinois and Wisconsin.
Our adult son, a WI driver for 12 years with no prior traffic tickets, was charged with DUI and Speeding in Lake County -- Misdemeanor crimes in IL. It shocked us and left him ashamed, remorseful and afraid. Since I am a retired Prosecutor (who handled cases with and against 100's of Defense Attorneys) our son sought my help in finding a good lawyer to handle these IL charges. After researching extensively I decided without hesitation on Attorney Albanese.
Attorney Albanese quickly met with our son, offering clear, calm and compassionate counsel. Ultimately, Mr. Albanese accomplished the BEST possible outcome under my son's particular fact situation -- "Court Supervision", in which the DUI is dismissed after 1 year of compliance with a number of specific Judge-imposed conditions. Attorney Albanese also was able to negotiate a complete dismissal of the Class B Misdemeanor Speeding. This was unexpected and a very valuable result. Throughout this difficult time, it was easy to see that Attorney Albanese knew the way the case needed to be handled to get these excellent results. As well, he reinforced steps our son was already taking to help himself in his life and in the eyes of the Court system.
Very disappointingly, our son was ticketed a few months ago in WI for driving after revocation {his DL was revoked for the above DUI, which DOT can do even with no conviction}. He stupidly drove a friend's car, as a favor, to prevent her potential DUI one afternoon. Because her license plates had expired he was pulled over and arrested. Once again, Attorney Albanese worked very diligently, effectively and compassionately to achieve a gratifying result -- our son's IL Court Supervision was continued without Revocation.
Attorney Richard Albanese is the Lawyer anyone in trouble should have on his/her side : very smart, experienced, savvy, honest, at ease in the Courtroom, kind and readily accessible. In short : "Hire him. Period."

– anonymous


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